Named after the last mine to operate in the area, the McEvoy Tavern was created as the smallest pub in Victoria in 1991 when it was sectioned off from the general store. Christine and Terry arrived in 2009. They’ve been in pubs together for the last fifteen years, first in Coleraine, then St Arnaud and now Eldorado. Christine said that when they drove into these hills, she thought, ‘this is home’. It’s a great community and they’re happy to be a part of it. Many of the locals use the tavern as a gathering point to meet up with each other, catch up on local news, and wind down after a hard day’s work. It’s also popular with tourists who have come to explore the area for its mining history, bushland walks, local arts and crafts, gems and crystals.

What’s on Offer:

The tavern provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The tavern offers cold beer, local wines and cider, and a wide range of pub food. It is helpful to book if you’re coming out as a group.

Lunch is available Wednesday to Sunday. Dinner is available Wednesday night to Saturday night.

Every Thursday is Pot and Parma night where you can get the combination for $18

Each week there is Burger Sunday where you can get a burger and pot for $15

For long weekends, dinner is also offered on the Sunday night.

For public Holidays, it’s lunch only.

There’s also tea and coffee and snack food available from the General Store.

There’s no accommodation at the pub but there are other options in town. Details can be found on the Eldorado Tourism Business Group website: www.eldorado.org.au